A Little Bangla is growing and prospering in the middle of the Bronx

Bronx, NY – Fnu Sweety, a Bangladeshi immigrant, works the checkout counter of a Bangladeshi supermarket in Parkchester. When some Latinx customers approached Sweety, she gave them a shock by greeting them in Spanish, prompting the couple to ask if she spoke it.

“Un poquito,” she responded. “A little.” Sweety immigrated from her home country three years ago with limited English proficiency. Over time, her job as a cashier in the heart of the Bronx has taught her English and some Spanish. But Sweety’s not the only Bangladeshi who’s learned how to integrate into America as an immigrant.

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27-Year-Old Muslim Running for House District Representative

Following Republican Dan Raulerson’s resignation from the House of Representatives, a special election to find someone to fill his seat is scheduled for Dec. 19. While much of the focus for these types of elections typically incline towards the Democrat and Republican candidates, a surprising third-party candidate might mix things up. Continue reading “27-Year-Old Muslim Running for House District Representative”

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