15 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Hijabis

As a hijabi, Muslim woman I’ve gotten my fair share of questions that make me want to wring my wrapped-tightly-under-a-headscarf-hair out. Some people just don’t think through the logic of their questions!

I’ve worn a hijab for a decade now. During that time, the questions I’ve received have ranged from truly curious to flat-out offensive.

Although some people don’t intend to be offensive, the manner by which they ask, and the assumptions they’ve made along the way that conform to stereotypes perpetuated by Western culture, is highly offensive. Asking me if ‘I’m forced to wear this by my husband/dad/other male figure’ could have no other response.

Some of the questions have ceased being offensive, and are now just plain annoying.


So! Here’s your guide to 15 Dumb Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Hijabis!

1. “You know we’re in America now, right? You don’t have to wear that.”

Yeah I know I don’t “have” to wear it, I choose to. This is one of the most insulting questions we hijabis get all the time. The person who asks this is attempting to ‘liberate’ us from an ‘oppressive’ religion, and that in itself is incredibly offensive.

2. “Do you sleep with it?”

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Do YOU sleep with your entire outfit on??

3. “Do you have to wash your hair?”


4. “How do you swim with it?”

Like…everyone…else? It’s literally just an extra piece of cloth.

5. “Are you bald?”

I’ve actually got Voldemort hidden under here, shh, don’t tell anyone.

6. “Will you go to hell if I see your hair?”

This just doesn’t make any sense.

7. “You’re so pretty! Soo why do you wear it?”

Where’s the correlation?

8. “Were you forced to wear it?”


9. “Do you shower with your hijab?”

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I need this pin.

10. “Is your hair the same color as your eyebrows?”

Great deduction skills, detective! 🕵🏽‍♀️👍🏽

11. “If I see your hair, does that mean we’re married?”


12. “Can your dad see your hair?”


13. “Can your boyfriend see your hair?”

What boyfriend?!!

14. “What about your brother? Can he see your hair?”

He’s my family, so yes!

15. “Is that stapled to your head? Doesn’t it hurt?”

These questions hurt.

Listen, it’s okay to ask Muslim women questions *POLITELY*. But make sure your questions are logical, not offensive, and unassuming!


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