Spicing Up Your Ramadan Meals

Salaam everyone!

There’s only a few days left of Ramadan, and while some things are getting better, others have become more routine. For example, your knees might not crack each time you go for sujood, and the long fasts don’t really effect your hunger anymore, but you find yourself becoming lazy at iftar time. As I mentioned in an earlier post, since you’re only eating two meals per day, it’s important you eat well each time. Sometimes that means spicing up your meals. Continue reading “Spicing Up Your Ramadan Meals”

Fasting on the Go

Salaam everyone!

Traveling while fasting can be tough, especially in these last few nights of Ramadan. Although Islam allows the traveling person an exception from fasting, no one wants to miss a day if they can help it. But don’t worry – I have the tips for you to easily maintain your fast while you travel. Continue reading “Fasting on the Go”

Tackling Your Period During Ramadan

Salaam everyone!

Ladies, here’s a not-so-hypothetical situation for you: It’s the second week of Ramadan and you’ve finally gotten into the groove of things. Your headaches and coffee withdrawals have passed and you’re fasting consistently without an issue. And suddenly your period arrives like the majestic, sometimes late, crimson tide it is. It’s Shark Week in the middle of Ramadan. What do you do? Continue reading “Tackling Your Period During Ramadan”

Ramadan Hacks!

Salaam everyone! Welcome to the second post of my Moon Wars series.

So, we’re officially a few days into Ramadan and the initial excitement has started to wear off – your energy has begun to fade, and you’re more tired now than ever. No worries, because here are a few Ramadan tips to help you make the most of the rest of this blessed month! Continue reading “Ramadan Hacks!”

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