Spicing Up Your Ramadan Meals

Salaam everyone!

There’s only a few days left of Ramadan, and while some things are getting better, others have become more routine. For example, your knees might not crack each time you go for sujood, and the long fasts don’t really effect your hunger anymore, but you find yourself becoming lazy at iftar time. As I mentioned in an earlier post, since you’re only eating two meals per day, it’s important you eat well each time. Sometimes that means spicing up your meals.

There are many ways to spice up your iftar and suhoor meals, and though it’s the last few days of Ramadan, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing it.

Because tahajjud/qiyam (special prayers during the night) are taking up most of people’s nights during these last ten days, that means everyone is sleeping most of the day and are getting lazy with preparing their iftars — for the last few nights, my family and I have been eating simple meals, and our hungers are not satisfied.

One cool way to dispel that laziness and create a sense of community is hosting an iftar party! These parties can help you gain good deeds by opening your home and feeding other people, while also being a great social event. My friend hosted a Pinterest-esque party yesterday, using decor ideas and recipes she found on the web. The party was a big hit and was definitely out of the ordinary, breaking some of the ‘last-days-funk’ that had built up for some people.

Here are some recipes and ideas you need to host your own iftar party:


Main Course:


Ideas for Decor:

  • Fairy lights strung up, as well as on the serving table between your dishes.
  • Moroccan lanterns placed strategically around the dining room.
  • Loose fake flowers and leaves from a craft store sprinkled on the dining table.
  • Colorful pillows and rugs on the floor to encourage people to sit and eat traditionally.

Iftar isn’t the only meal that needs spicing up in Ramadan; it’s important to prepare suhoor, especially during the last ten days because people need their energy since they’re usually up praying during the night.

A fun Ramadan tradition is to host a suhoor at a local 24-hour diner, such as Denny’s or Waffle House. IHOP has always been a long-time favorite of American Muslims, who have spent their early Ramadan mornings at their local joint with friends.

Another fun tradition is hosting a lock-in at the local masjid with a youth group. This can be information by adding a halaqah, or a lecturing portion, to the evening, while also having fun playing basketball, dodgeball, and other group activities. In the morning, you can make suhoor as a group, or everyone can bring their own dish.

Here are some Suhoor recipes:

Use these tips to spice up your Ramadan meals during these last few days!

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