Tackling Your Period During Ramadan

Salaam everyone!

Ladies, here’s a not-so-hypothetical situation for you: It’s the second week of Ramadan and you’ve finally gotten into the groove of things. Your headaches and coffee withdrawals have passed and you’re fasting consistently without an issue. And suddenly your period arrives like the majestic, sometimes late, crimson tide it is. It’s Shark Week in the middle of Ramadan. What do you do?

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, Muslim women cannot fast or pray during their period due to the impurified state they’re in. Despite it being a blessing, as this means we are able to conceive, Muslim women are often shamed for something so natural and they feel guilty. They spend this week hiding out in their rooms and sneaking a bite when they can. The lengths some women go to, to hide their period from their male relatives and friends, is borderline ridiculous. I remember pretending to pray while my family prayed so that my brother and dad wouldn’t know I wasn’t fasting. The worst is when someone sees you eating out in public and asks why you’re not fasting – like, mind your own business! But enough is enough. It’s time to be honest with ourselves and those around us. We should not have to feel ashamed for something blessed to us, and nor should we be upset about it.

While some may think Muslim women would rejoice in the fact that they can eat during daylight hours again, the truth is the opposite; despite knowing it’s coming, Muslim women all around the world fall into despair then their cycle occurs during Ramadan. They think they have to stop their worshipping just because they can’t fast or pray.

No worries, a period doesn’t have to be the end of your thus-far perfect Ramadan. Here are some hacks to help you maintain your worship and continue your ibadah during your Time Of The Month.

1. You can continue your ibadah by reciting the Tasbeeh Fatima. The Tasbeeh Fatima, named after the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), is reciting ‘Alhumdulillah’, and ‘Allahu Akbar’ 33 times each, and reciting ‘Subhanallah’ 34 times. You can do this in place of the times you would pray during the day. The words are praises to Allah (swt): ‘Subhanallah’ means ‘Glory be to God’; ‘Alhumdulillah’ means ‘Praise be to God’; and ‘Allahu Akbar’ means ‘God is Great’.

2. You can do duaa. Although not physically, you can still pray during your menses in Ramadan. By doing duaa, and reciting dhikr, you can still keep the lines of communication between you and Allah open. Here is a list of duaas that you can recite during Ramadan.

3, You can read the Quran. While you cannot touch the Quran physically while in an impure state, you can wear gloves while you hold the Quran, or read it on your phone or computer. Because you are not praying or fasting, reading the Quran can help you catch up with, or even surpass, your imam, allowing for more leeway time later in the month.

These hacks ensure that you maintain your worship and keep earning the rewards of Ramadan, despite not being able to fast or pray. May Allah swt make this blessed week within this blessed month easy for you all! Ameen.

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